Curriculum Information

At Beresford Memorial we believe strongly in teaching lessons that are exciting, creative and inspiring to our pupils within a Christian context. We use a topic based approach to our teaching and fully utilise outdoor learning opportunities where possible to further enhance our teaching and learning opportunities.

We designed our curriculum using the Chris Quigley Essentials Curriculum as a basis and in conjunction with the Leek Education Partnership, and listening to what our pupils say about the type of learning they enjoy, we believe we have designed a curriculum that is truly exciting, creative, inspiring and most importantly, fun!

The essential elements that run throughout our curriculum are Community, Diversity, Enterprise and Possibilities. These four central components along with our school’s Christian values of Honesty, Kindness, Hope, Respect, Creativity and Courage are embedded in everything we teach and are what we believe makes our school curriculum unique to Beresford.

We are a Church of England School and as such spiritual, moral, social and cultural aspects are central to everything we teach and learn.

Our planning is structured using the following format:

  • Long Term Planning: Creative Curriculum topics agreed by all staff in conjunction with the Leek Education Partnership
  • Medium Term Planning: Topic Web
  • Short Term Planning: Detailed planning with learning objectives and success criteria
  • Take a more detailed look at our planning in specific year groups.

Principles for Assessment

Reading & Phonics